What are some of the perform opportunities to cross the Atlantic by ship/boat?

Issue by b: What are some of the work options to cross the Atlantic by ship/boat?
What are some of the operate prospects to cross the Atlantic by ship/boat?
I would like to cross the Atlantic to Europe without possessing to shell out considerably. I have heard a small about the Merchant Marine Ships and I identified out cruise ships are not genuinely an choice. What else is out there? I need to have sources and reputable facts. Remember to help.

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Response by Steam Punk
How Stupid ARE YOU? You don’t sign on for a solitary vacation or will not you know even TAHT significantly about working on ships. AND.. by the time yoiu invest about $ one thousand JUST FOR A Fundamental Training course that would make you HIRABLE you could purchase a plane ticked more affordable.

If you are unable to manage $ 500 for a airplane ticket.. THEN Remain House. YOu DO KNOW you also have to get a PASSPORT and to function on a ship you want a “Z” CARD.. you DO KNOW THAT.. proper?

What IS IT with you morons? Do any of you NOT live is some FANTASY World?

What do you assume? Answer beneath!

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